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SoCo Village | Senior being comforted by caregiver

Do I Need Assisted Living? Austin Seniors Find a Comforting Home at SoCo Village.

Have you noticed that everyday life has become a bit harder to manage? Do things like getting groceries and preparing meals, getting to your doctors’ …

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SoCo Village | Senior couple looking at the view out their new apartment window after downsizing

Transitioning from Home to a Senior Apartment in Austin, TX

As we age, remaining in our homes seems to be a great idea. Although homeownership can be familiar and comfortable, there are also many stressors …

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SoCo Village | Senior couple and their family visiting

When Should I Think About Senior Living?

It’s time we start thinking about senior living before catastrophe strikes. Many people believe the time for assisted living or memory care is after an …

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SoCo Village | Senior couple and their grandkids

Six Ways to Celebrate the Holidays With Seniors In Austin, TX

Whether you have older family members coming into town for the holidays, or if you’re a senior yourself, the local guides at SoCo Village would …

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SoCo Village | Senior and her daughter

Does My Loved One Need Memory Care or a Nursing Home?

If your loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia and you’re looking for care options, you’re likely wondering what the differences are in …

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SoCo Village | Mother and daughter hugging

How Do You Talk to a Loved One About Moving to Assisted Living?

With the holiday season approaching, it’s an excellent time to gather with family you haven’t seen in a while. While we look forward to the …

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